Our Mission

How you make Quilting & Beyond a reality

Thank you so much for chosing us to be a part of your sewing family.  We always strive to give you the best materials and exciting projects to help you continue to grow on your sewing journey! 

Kelley, Owner of QAB

Our story is yours

We are thrilled that everyone who purchases our materials knows they are getting amazing quality and top notch customer service worthy of every sewing superstar.  Before I created Quilting & Beyond (QAB), I created custom costumes for figure skaters, ice dancers, cirque performers and dancers for almost 20 years. 

Then the pandemic happened

Performances just… stopped. I put my design skills to work and made a gajillion masks for friends, family and clients all over the US. Sewing exploded into popularity again.  I realized I have a unique perspective and decided to create QAB to share my knowledge and create a community at the same time.

I was concerned…

there are a lot of people already established in the industry. But then I realized my unique background gave me a perspective unlike anyone else out there.  So, I decided to set out to curate lovely fabric lines, and as well as a wide variety of new projects that will inspire quilters and sewists alike. My goal is to help you develop your skills in quilting, and well, beyond!!  

Exciting new skills await

I can’t wait to help you find your next new project and/or new skill.  Check out our tutorials on YouTube- Subscribe to my channel and make sure you jump on our VIP list so you always get the earliest access to all our new collections, projects and tutorials.